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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The One Thing You Cannot Outsource or Delegate

These days, you can outsource almost anything you don’t want to do.

You can hire others to perform all kinds of domestic or personal tasks:
  • clean your house
  • prepare your meals (grocery store or private chef)
  • maintain your lawn 
  • make interior or exterior repairs to your home 
  • take care of your children 
And in business, you can hire employees or build a virtual team of people to perform jobs for you so you can focus on your own “genius” work, utilizing your unique talents and abilities.

The number of business skills you can outsource or delegate is limited only by your imagination and could include:
  • web design
  • bookkeeping
  • marketing and sales
  • customer support
  • social media management
Outsourcing is smart because you want to make the most of your time each day. It’s great to have others with expertise in areas you either don’t have or don’t want to develop.

But there’s one thing you can’t hand off to someone else to do because it’s an inside job.

No one else can become a stronger person for you

Your personal development is your own responsibility. It’s up YOU to react appropriately when you’re in a situation that requires composure, patience, self-discipline or compassion.

Yes, you can have teachers, coaches and mentors who show you the way. And you can read books, watch videos and listen to audios to learn strategies and get inspired.

But the real work rests with you. You're the one who has to apply what you learn in actual situations.

"Every day you miss playing or practicing is one day longer it takes to be good." 
- Ben Hogan, American professional golfer (1912-1997)

Because, if you haven’t taken time to develop them, you may not be able to automatically engage the necessary personal strengths when you need to.

A few examples …

When you have a great opportunity, you first need awareness and open-mindedness to recognize it. Then courage and self-confidence are required to take advantage of the moment.

And then there are the challenges that you alone must work through. When the going gets tough, will you apply focus to stay on task and perseverance to keep going in the face of setbacks, failures and disappointments?

When you have a decision to make, do you use thoroughness to do the research and collect the facts, then engage both intuition and rationality to check your feelings and logic before moving forward?

These are just a dozen of 40 personal strengths you need for maximum effectiveness during your lifetime. Yet these are not taught in our educational system, so most people haven’t learned how to do them well.

If you’re on a quest to become stronger as a person – so you can take advantage of the good things that come your way and deal effectively with the bad – then you owe it to yourself to check out ProStar Coach. This virtual coaching system gives you incredible resources and a proven process for building 40 different personal strengths as well as dozens of people skills.

You’re probably outsourcing at least some tasks at home or at work. What are you investing – in time, effort and money – to develop the most important resource you have – your own mind?
"Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."
- Bruce Lee, Chinese actor (1940-1973)