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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chet Holmes - A Life of Passion and Accomplishment

Chet Holmes, author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, was diagnosed with leukemia last year. During the months that followed, he used his “pigheaded discipline and determination” to rally and return to work. But on August 12, 2012, he lost his battle to that disease.

Although I had never met Chet in person (we often corresponded on Twitter), his writing and interviews had a profound impact on my thinking and my actions. In fact, through his work, he positively influenced hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of business people around the world.

As I reflect on this amazing man and his contributions, I realize that I took away much more than specific strategies or tactics when I studied his book or listened to him speak. Chet had a conviction and confidence that immediately captured your attention…and held it. He was clearly passionate about the work he was doing to empower businesses to greater success. His enthusiasm and positive energy were contagious.

But I believe the legacy that endures will be about the man himself – who he was to the core. These qualities came through loud and clear in his stories and case studies. Every time I was exposed to his words, I was inspired to become a better version of myself.

Just a few examples...

Self-development – Chet was a relentless lifelong learner. He never felt he had “arrived,” even after he achieved levels of success in his business that dwarfed others’ accomplishment…

“The best of the best are always seeking to be better” so when you’re interviewing new hires, find out “how dedicated they are to self-improvement. Ask them what was the last self-help book they read or CD they listened to or DVD they watched.”

Focus your efforts – From identifying your “dream clients” to managing your time, Chet’s advice was dead-on about harnessing your energy for best results…

“Concentration is like a muscle and it strengthens as you concentrate more. If you stop concentrating every time an email comes in or the phone rings, you actually lessen your ability to concentrate and you become less effective in any situation that requires concentration.”

Focus on the other person – It’s the rare individual who consistently seeks to help others, and you’ll set yourself apart if you heed this wisdom…

“Most people live their lives surrounded by mirrors, focusing on themselves. They think about how they are coming off to other people and whether or not they will get what they want…So turn those mirrors into windows and you will be a much better presenter, salesperson, trainer, executive or leader. The most mature person in a relationship is the one listening the most. He or she is thinking about the other person’s needs and how to meet them.”

Perseverance – NEVER give up, if you believe that what you're offering has value for the other person.

“How important could your product be if you go away after a single rejection or two? Everyone respects persistence in the face of resistance.”

Whenever you lose someone whose life mattered to you, you come face-to-face with your own mortality…and what you want your own legacy to be.

If you’re not achieving what you’re capable of, or living life in a way that brings fulfillment to you and enrichment to others, what one thing could you do differently today that would put you on the path to greater happiness, joy and satisfaction?

It’s important to start today, because there are no guarantees about the number of days, months or years you have left to accomplish what you most deeply want to do.