Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dramatically Improves Sales Productivity through Systematic Coaching

Many managers fail to engage in one activity that could make a huge difference in the performance of their team members: COACHING

I had the opportunity to discuss WHY this happens and HOW to become an effective coach in a recent interview with Andy Paul on his excellent podcast, Accelerate!

Andy’s show covers topics like sales, leadership, management, training and coaching. Andy’s own work is focused on sales managers and salespeople, and he's written two excellent books that should be on the shelves of anyone in sales: Zero Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales.

The topics we covered in our time together apply to any leaders and individuals interested in their own development.

I invite you to listen to this interview and learn:

  • The difference between MANAGING and COACHING
  • Why some managers avoid the coaching role
  • How managers can become more effective coaches
  • 5 questions a manager can ask when an employee makes a mistake or a salesperson loses a sale
  • Why an attitude of SERVICE beats sales tactics in building a relationship
  • How to use listening to stand out


  1. A coach is the person that can help us in many aspects. I agree, managing and coaching both are different and a manager can be proven as a good coach. I had gone through the link for "listen to this interview" and I really learnt a lot from it. Glad to get this page! Really helpful!

  2. It’s unrealistic to believe that leadership coaching is only of value to poor-performing, unsuccessful business people. The Institute for Business Studies recently released a report that found that top Fortune 500 executives actively seek out opportunities to partake in leadership coaching. Coaching interview

  3. I believe that the coach is the foundational support behind a successfull person. If you find a good coach you are already on a plus. Career Building


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