Thursday, April 5, 2012

Personal Development - What All High Achievers Pursue

When you finished your formal education, did you assume you were finished with most of the learning you’d need to do in your life? For many people, graduation means they are done. They don't want to read any more books or study ever again.

But individuals who have achieved great success in life – no matter what field – take a different approach. These folks are committed to a lifelong pursuit of becoming an even better version of themselves.

At my company we recently completed a new online personal development system called ProStar Coach. During the months leading up to its release, I was involved with some personal development of my own. We decided that videos would be an important form of media resources for our subscribers. That meant a whole lot of learning for me.

First, there was the technical side - researching the best video camera to buy and figuring out how to get the lighting right. And then there was being in front of the camera. I’d done audio recordings before, but not video, so that was something I needed to get comfortable with. Once the filming was done, I had to edit and produce it, using special software.

All this required a lot of time and energy to master. I really had to stretch outside my comfort zone. I watched online courses, read books, and practiced a lot to get proficient.

When you have the opportunity to learn something new, it’s natural to react with resistance at first. Maybe you’re afraid it’ll involve too much work or you’ll be uncomfortable trying something different. You might be concerned about making mistakes. Sure, it’s easier to stick with what you already know.

But then you wouldn’t be prepared for new opportunities– and you might not even SEE them.

When I feel over my head or intimidated by something new, what keeps me going is my goal. When you have a goal that really matters to you, it motivates you to work through discomfort and do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Along the way your confidence builds as you realize you can do more than you thought, and that will make you more willing to try new things.

As the great Jim Rohn once said, “The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.”

Remember, as long as you keep learning, you keep growing. Continue to seek new knowledge, skills and wisdom, so you’ll be prepared to handle any situation that comes your way.

And if you’re one of the 5% who’s committed to being a lifelong learner, check out ProStar Coach. You’ll discover a robust resource to help you grow in the two core areas of ability – personal strengths and people skills.


  1. Glad to know there are others out there who are lifetime learners. I will be learning until my end, and then some.

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