Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoroughness - Examine all the related issues and information.

When you’re excited about starting something new, you may want to jump in with both feet before attending to the details. Taking time to study the facts and evaluate your options will lead to wise decisions. You'll be less likely to act impulsively and you’ll make fewer mistakes.

Before making an important decision, do you tend to move fast or do you prefer to take your time and do your homework?

Please leave a comment and describe a time when being thorough paid off for you.


  1. I am used to consider all the situation before even when the case is very important or urgent, i rather think before taking the first step. I think that to learn this is like a process and a development of trust that comes with patience.


  2. I would like to say that I always follow this sound advice but I don't. Sometimes I just act on instinct.

    Is that successful? Often. Would it be better if I did more detailed planning? Perhaps so.

    However, I think it depends on what the important decision is. Although there are many occasions when I plan in minute detail I am also conscious of other times when I have spent too much time planning and not enough getting on and doing.


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