Friday, December 4, 2009

Self-Confidence - The Strength to Achieve Is Within You

Your self-confidence affects your attitudes, beliefs and actions. It's natural to be unsure of yourself when you're taking on something new. Apply the insights and suggestions in this video to successfully overcome your fears and self-doubts.

This video appeared this week as one of the features of our new multi-media Golden Eggs ezine. It appears weekly and each issue focuses on a single aspect of personal strength. Three experts contribute articles, videos and podcasts.

We've gotten rave reviews from subscibers about the format and content, so I encourage you to get it, too! Just enter your email address in the box above.

Also, I'd really like your comments about self-confidence. Which events in your life have boosted your confidence?


  1. Great video, Meredith! All true and a good strategy. I'm glad you're doing these, we all need help sometimes.

    Something I've been doing lately to abort fear of failure, I look at the big picture. Is the thing I'm worrying about going to kill me? So far the answer is no. Making that change in perspective helps me move forward.

  2. Thanks for sharing your strategy, Kathleen. It's a really good one! Definitely helps you keep things in perspective.


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