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Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You One of the Top 5%?

In my last post I talked about our fall garden and the patience that’s required to wait for the plants to grow.

In The Slight Edge, author Jeff Olson reminded me of the three-step process involved:
  1. Plant
  2. Cultivate
  3. Harvest
Jeff points out that “In today’s world, everyone wants to go directly from plant to harvest.” While the planting and harvesting can happen quickly, cultivating “takes place only through the patient dimension of time.”

Not many people are willing to wait or do the work required to reap the rewards. They want the result NOW, without having to put forth effort.

And that’s just one of the key characteristics that separates the top 5% from the other 95% of people.

Additional points that distinguish the highest achievers, from this deeply insightful book…

“When you start at the beginning of anything, you’re at the highest level of anxiety. As you learn – through study and doing, information and experience, book smarts and street smarts – you gradually lower your level of anxiety by raising your level of mastery.”

The solution is to follow a proven process for developing a new habit or skill. In our ProStar Coach program, we use a three-step model, Focus-Action-Reflection. You focus on the one habit you want to develop, then take the first step. Afterwards, you reflect on your experience to learn the lessons from it so your next action is more effective. As you repeat the Action-Reflection cycle, you wire that habit in your brain and it becomes comfortable. But 95% of people aren’t willing to do the work required to reach this kind of mastery.

“You can start fresh, building a positive pattern of success, at any time. Including right now. But you need to have faith in the process, because you won’t see it happening at first.”

The top 5% make choices daily to support their long-range goals. For example, they don’t just join a gym and expect to get in shape. They show up every day and trust that the consistency of their regular workouts will result in a fit body.

“It is always the little things, done consistently over time, which bring about the ‘breakthroughs’ that you see. No success is immediate. Nor is any failure instantaneous.”

The secret is not to wait for some miracle or big event to appear. No, you just need to get started and then repeat the same simple disciplines day after day. It’s not glamorous or exciting, but it’s how positive results actually happen.

“Gigantic funerals are held and great crowds, sometimes entire nations, mourn for those people who spent their lives not worrying about what others thoughts.”

One of the biggest barriers that holds back most people is fear of criticism and rejection. They allow the expectations of others to determine what they will attempt in life. The 5% who have the greatest impact on the world don’t need the approval of others. They care much more about fulfilling their mission or dream.

When I think about it, my blog is targeted to the 5% - and so are our products. People who are seeking insights that will help them make positive changes in their lives and are willing to take action, even if it means getting outside their comfort zone.

“We don’t build statues for the ninety-five percent: 
we build them for the five percent.”  
- Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge