Friday, March 22, 2013

A Lesson from Steubenville: Parents Must Be Leaders

One question kept running through my mind as I followed the news about the recent rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio: “Where were the parents of these young people?”

Too many parents today are so out of touch with their children’s lives that too often they do not know where their children are or what they’re doing. And these same parents are not taking time to have the kinds of conversations that establish expectations for appropriate behavior.

More discussions need to happen in families about common decency and what it means to treat others with respect. Children – no matter what their ages – look to their parents to provide the guidance, direction and boundaries needed to navigate the uncertain path to adulthood.

And that means parents must be leaders. In the world of work, the most successful executives, managers and supervisors lead by example. They show in their own behavior what they want others to do. They also invest time in nurturing the development of those in their charge.

Parents have a responsibility to do the same thing for their children.

If you’re a parent, this brief video will touch your heart and inspire you to be a better leader with your own kids.

"Be what you want your team [child] to become." 
John Wooden, American college basketball coach (1910-2010)

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