Monday, March 28, 2011

Break Through Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Your deeply-held beliefs about yourself and what’s possible for you determine what you attempt. Living within these self-imposed restrictions limits your ability to see opportunities that are available. When you discover how to break through these deeply ingrained thoughts, you can achieve the kinds of successes you deserve.

What one belief do you have about yourself that you need to break through to achieve greater results?
“Whatever you believe with emotion becomes reality. You always act in a manner consistent with your innermost beliefs and convictions." - Brian Tracy, American author

“Things don't change. You change your way of looking, that's all.”
- Carlos Castaneda, American author

“People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be."
- Harvey Mackay, American author

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” - Norman Vincent Peale, American author


  1. I'm glad to be here--there's a lot to learn.

    And I shall help too!

    Thanks, Ms Bell,


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, KB, and for your contribution. Learning is truly a lifelong process!


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