Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honesty - Say What You Think

You may feel reluctant to say what you’re thinking when you’re not sure how others will react. But when you share your honest opinions and beliefs, you’ll gain credibility and self-respect.

What positive payoffs have you experienced when you’ve been honest with yourself and others?
“The cruelest lies are often told in silence.” - Robert Lewis Stevenson, Scottish Novelist

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” - Thomas Jefferson, American President

“Truthfulness is a cornerstone in character, and if it be not firmly laid in youth, there will ever after be a weak spot in the foundation.” - Jefferson Davis, American Politician


  1. God bless you for this... Amazing words of encouargement

  2. If I don't speak my mind, people won't find out who I really am. And if they don't know me, they won't trust me. And if they don't trust me, they won't like me. And where would that leave me?

  3. Anonymous, Thank you for your positive feedback about this post. Denny, you make a very good point about the importance of saying what you really think. Thanks!

  4. Totally agree with Quote 1 & 3. I've the experience with that...Silence lies are terribly painful when you realised that you have been lied to for a long, long time... Dishonesty in a relationship costs so much time & energy and, of course,pain to not only the people involved but eventually back to oneself. Honesty to oneself is most important; it takes courage to take a hard look at oneself & face our own ugly side at times. It paramount to not allow this "weak spot" to grow further by firstly realising & admitting that it is a weak spot and thn do something about it. No amount of faith that others have would change that if the person himself do not take the first step.

    Meredith, thank you for sharing this. Would you please share the title & author of the book that you mentioned in this video clip? My email address is:

    Hope to hear from you.

  5. Esther, thank you you bring up very important points about self-honesty. I agree that this is a critical component for living a fulfilling life.

  6. Thank you Meredith for this beautiful talk who's very instructive by the way . Personally iam not afraid to publicly express my own opinion honestly about any subject. I agree with you when you say what can hold back people from that is the fear criticism or judgment but it's the only way to move forward in a constructive manner in any area of our life from work to love and relationships ect . I really greet you for this amazing insights you delivered .


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