Monday, January 11, 2010

Loyalty - Be There for the People Who Are Important to You

It's not easy to be true to your relationships when people you care about are going through tough times. You have a lot of other commitments, and you may be afraid of letting them down. But you have what it takes to be the kind of person who will "be there" for them through thick and thin.

Have you ever been torn between two loyalties, requiring you to make a hard decision? Please share your experience and what you learned from it.


  1. Great encouragement - we need to be there for people through the milestone events of our lives. I just took off from work to talk with a young man I used to mentor whose girlfriend is un-expectedly pregnant. I was frustrated by the timing, but he said it was enormously helpful. May be the most valuable thing I do today.

  2. Very true statements displayed in the above talk . Really good friends no matter how the circumstances can be bad stay always supportive to people they consider important in their life . that shows how much affection and compassion they have for each other so they can both learn and move forward trough hard times to a more happiest destination .


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