Monday, April 25, 2011

Listening Skills for Phone Conversations

The listening skills you need for telephone conversations are not exactly the same as what you need for in-person meetings. Since the speaker can’t see you, it’s easy to get distracted and start doing something else when it’s not your turn to talk.

Discover three tips for helping you stay focused so you really hear the message when you’re on the phone.

What do YOU do to keep your attention focused on the speaker when you’re having a phone conversation?
“Boredom is what happens when I fail to make someone interesting.” – Warren Bennis, American author


Joe said...

I never thought to close my eyes during phone conversations but I can definitely see how that would help because you're eliminating one of your senses so your listening will improve.

Great tips Meredith!

Meredith Bell said...

Glad you found these tips helpful, Joe. I appreciate your positive feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

Bridget Willard said...

If I could share it a thousand times, I would.

Meredith Bell said...

Thank you, Bridget. Share as many times as you can!